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There are quite a few differences between Linux and Windows web hosting which also highlights the basic advantages that Linux may have over Windows.
  • Price: This is an important component when planning to take a web hosting package and most web hosting providers do have to offer a competitive price to stay ahead of their competitors. Since Linux is an open source platform and anyone can use it therefore most hosting providers prefer to offer Linux hosting because they can design competitive hosting packages.

    Stability: It is well known fact that Linux is a more stable and a robust platform than Windows and is geared to meet a wide range of demanding situations. Where stability and performance is concerned, undoubtedly Linux web hosting scores over Windows in this regard completely.

    Versatility: Linux is undoubtedly more versatile because a Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website and it is also advantageous if different scripting languages like PHP, MySQL or Perl etc have to be used.

    Linux hosting features and advantages Linux hosting packages do you have a lot of advantages and features that is unmatched by any other platform by most standards. Some of the leading advantages of Linux web hosting include:

    • It is undoubtedly very economical because of being an open source operating system and it is possible to sell cheap hosting packages and reseller hosting plans.
    • Linux web hosting is also more secure and robust and since it is open source therefore less prone to any kind of cyber attack.
    • It offers extreme flexibility because the website can be converted into a Windows website easily and it is compatible with different scripting languages and databases.
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Difference between Linux and widows web hosting

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