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Managing Web Hosting:

  • Search for the domain name for which the Hosting Order has been purchased go to link: Domain Hosting->Manage Domains->List Hosted Domains.
  • Note
  1. To list all Orders, leave all search parameters blank and select the Order Creation Date as All after selecting the Within radio button.
  2. Resellers can search for all Orders belonging to their Sub-Resellers by selecting the Search Orders of Sub-Resellers check box.
  • Click List Hosted Domains, you would see a list of all Domain names, with Domain Hosting Order bought through Reseller. Click any of the  name to reach its Order Details view, from where you can perform any modifications to the Order.
Note:Hosting Alert List contains the list of Failed Hosting Requests due to insufficient balance or some other technical problems.
  • To see Hosting Alert List just go to link:Domain Hosting->Manage Domains->Hosting Alert List.
Moving and Pushing a domain Hosting Order
View Hosted and Hosting alert List
Manage FTP/Database
Renewing Domain HostingPackage
Buy Extra Services
View Domain Transactions
Bulk Management
Upgrading Domain Hosting Package
Monitor Hosting
Deleting Domain Hosting Package
Suspending/Unsuspending Domain Hosting Package
Locking/Unlocking Domain Hosting Package
Expired Domain Hosting

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