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You can move a Email Hosting Order along with all other related Services from your existing Customer Control Panel to another Customer, by following the steps mentioned below:
  • Login to your Control Panel

  • Search for the domain name for which you have purchased the Email Hosting Order and proceed to the Order Details view.

  • Click Email Hosting->Manage Emails->Move Services.
Attention:If the Email Hosting Order is Suspended, you will have to first get it Unsuspended it before proceeding further.
  • Click Move Services link to initiate the process.
  • Here, you would have to mention the following details:

  1. Customer Username (Email Address): Mention the Customer Username (Email Address) of the Customer account where you wish to move the Email Hosting Order.
  2. Customer ID: The Customer ID is a unique number associated with a Customer's Profile. If you do not know the Customer ID of the new account, you can find it in Settings -> Primary Profile in the new Customer Control Panel.
  • If you are moving the Email Hosting Order under a different Reseller, but have not created a Customer Account under that Reseller, you need to correspond with this Reseller for your Customer ID and Username (Email Address) to move your domain name to this Customer Control Panel.You will encounter the below error messages in case:

    • the Customer Username (Email Address) and the Customer ID you specified are not of the same Customer:
    • the Customer Username (Email Address) and/or the Customer ID you specified are incorrect.
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