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 Benefits >>

InstaXS believes in build long-term relationships with our partners by providing generous benefits of real value.

Priority Service >>

We process your requests quickly and precisely, knowing that you need to verify completion of the requests and then respond to your clients. We understand that your clients' requests cannot be delayed.

Simplified Billing >>

The Reseller Program details clearly show options and chargeable items (no hidden fees). We will provide specific pricing information to verified Reseller candidates so that you can set your pricing (profit margin) up front, and know how much you need to charge your clients for any specific item they request for their account. You also get an online billing system for your clients for your convenience through your Control Panel with long list of flexible features.

No start-up costs >>

When you become a InstaXS Hosting Solutions Reseller, you pay a ZERO setup fee for the Reseller account only (no per domain setup fee).

No long term commitments >>

No bonds, No commitments. You can cancel your account at any time knowing that you will receive a prorated refund of your hosting fees.

Real value >>

Those who offer these Reseller programs generally:
Charge per domain ('multiple account') setup fees (inflating your costs)
Require you to commit for a year to receive their advertised rate
Do not refund or prorate hosting fees even if you cancel 'prematurely'

Our Reseller program does not suffer any of these drawbacks.

Gain a Competitive Edge. >>

The costs associated with website programming, web development or even software development are enormous. Our developers and programmers have years of training and many different projects that they have undertaken. With the InstaXS Reseller program you can gain this huge competitive edge over your competition, without any upfront costs.

Add Value. >>

Customers are looking for affordable website development, products and services. Your chances of winning new business increase when you bundle a set of solutions into your offerings. And with InstaXS Hosting Solutions you continue to control and maintain valuable relationships with your customers.

It's Easy. >>

Resellers get access to software, Hosted Services, and the necessary technical resources through the Control Panel to ensure success. In addition, customer integration is fast and simple, occurring in hours to days (versus weeks to months for other products).

Discounted Domain Registration >>

If you need the most out of your domain name, you get the most versatile and complete feature set at no additional charge, some of these features being unique in our business. No hosting company out there has the expandability we offer, at any price. A special domain registration interface is provided to you where your deposits are recorded and domains are registered.

Your Own Control Panel For Website Creation and Customer Management >>

Complete independence to create websites, email/ POP3 accounts, FTP, DSN, with ASP, PERL, MSSQL, MySql, CGI-bin, ODBC... and the list goes on.

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