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 Training >>

Instaxs provides extensive training on Latest Industry-Standard Technologies to cover the lacking skillset in Students/Professinals and expose them to latest Technologies & Techniques used in real-time IT/ISP/Telecom environment.

Instaxs conducts Training Workshops from time to time to meet the Skilled Manpower requirements required by various MNCs & Domestic Corporates.

During the Training Workshops, the candidate undergo Intensive Training Workshops for 2 hours, 5 days a week for the first 12 weeks. The candidate are trained by our well qualified Engineering Staff which includes Professionals from different areas of specialisation having over 10 years experience in IT/Telecom field.

Live Projects >>

Instaxs, during the Workshops also expose students/professionals to Live Industrial Projects, which enable them to learn the latest in Industry with an edge. Live projects not only expose the candidates to Live company Products/Services but also enhances candidates skillset to meet day-to-day market Skillset manpower demand.

After 12 weeks of Intensive Training, all Candidates are alloted a Projects on Live Environment for 2 months. Once trained and having worked upon such Live Projects, the candidate is much more aware and self-confident about his/her skills & is ready for Placement Interviews.

Personal Development Programme (PDP) >>

While, working on Live Projects during the last 6 weeks, the candidates also undergo a Personal Development Programme in which the candidates are exposed to Industry-level Interview & Recruitment procedures and prepare for such Interviews.,/p>

Resume Submission & Placements >>

We totally assist in Placements of deserving candidates and ensure that such deserving candidates are absorbed by Reputed Companies. Instaxs not only undertakes In-House Placement of the candidates but also conducts Placements Programmes with other over 100 Allied IT/Telecom Companies.

Resumes of all Candidates who have undergone successful training are sent to these potential employers for Interviews and subsequent Placements in those companies.

For more information, please write to contact@instaxs.net

Or visit us at http://www.linuxguru.in

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