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   Glossary of Domain Name Registration Terminology
» What is a domain name?
» What is an IP address?
» What is a DNS?
» What is a URL?
» What are the components of a domain name?
» What is a Registrant?
» What is a Registrar?
» What is a Registry?/ What is ICANN?
» What is an Administrative Contact?
» What is a Billing Contact?
» What is a Technical Contact?
   Domain Name Registration
» How do I register my domain name?
» How long can a domain name be and what are the restrictions?
» Will my name and contact information be publicly available?
» What if the domain name I want to use is already taken?
» How long does it take to register a domain name?
» How do I sell/give/transfer my domain name?
» How do I modify an existing domain name record?
» My domain name is about to expire. How do I renew it?
» How do I change my domain name server (DNS) information?
» I have misspelled my domain name. How do I go about getting it corrected?
» When I register my domain name with instaxs, who actually owns it?
» Do I have to have a web page now that I have a domain name?
» Who do I contact about the charges for my domain name?
» What is a domain redemption?
» How long is the Redemption Grace Period?
» Do all TLDs have redemption periods?
» How do I redeem my domain?
» Why does it cost more to redeem a domain rather than renewing a domain?
» Why do I need a .com domain name?
» Do I need a .com domain if I already have another local domain?
   Domain/Registrar Transfers
» What is a registrar transfer?
» What is a domain name registrar?
» What are the benefits of transferring my domain(s) to instaxs?
» How do I transfer my domain name to instaxs?
» What happens after I've submitted my request?
» What are the guidelines for transferring registrars?
» What types of domains can you transfer?
» How long does the registrar transfer process take to complete?
» Can a registrar transfer request be rejected?
» Where can I view the current status of my registrar transfer request?
» What are the benefits of locking my domains and how do I manage this security feature?
» What is an Authorization Code?
» How to I get my Authorization Code?
   Linux Hosting
» Mailer function supported by our Linux Hosting Server
   Window Hosting
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