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 Welcome to the Products range of InstaXS.com. InstaXS.com features a long list of Products catering to different people. >>

At InstaXS we have designed our solutions to help develop your Internet strategy and become an integral part of your business. A one-stop shop for all your Internet requirements, we can guide you through every step of the way, from selection of an appropriate service right through to implementation.

Internet Access >>

The Internet is a global information source, business reference tool and advertising medium: ideal for research, sourcing products and finding new customers. No other medium can instantly give you the opportunity to check the latest news on the Stock Market, view important business surveys or check out competitors' websites.

Hosting >>

Your own website represents a "shop window" that people can look at 24 hours a day: an on-line resource that advertises your company's products and services. A website can be more than just an on-line version of your company brochure, you can update it quickly and cheaply, and use it to build a detailed and up-to-date profile of your customers.

Web Design >>

A professionally designed website is essential to the success of your business. InstsXS has the ideal solution for you.

Hardware and Security >>

InstsXS offers a range of routers and security products to fulfil your hardware needs. Everything from complex VPN solutions to cost-effective routers are available, with full support, from InstsXS's portfolio of customer premises equipment. Click here to find out about some of the hardware and security solutions available from InstsXS.

Voice Services >>

InstsXS offers a range of voice services to help your business reduce costs and attract more customers.

Domain Name Registration >>

Domain names secure your Internet presence as your web and e-mail address. Whether actively used and promoted or simply reserved, registering domain names also protects your business and product names. InstsXS Internet bundle a single domain name into most of our business products, but any business or individual may wish to take advantage of our a la carte domain registration service, including worldwide registration.

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